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About Colorado Capitol Watch

Our Vision

To bring truth through facts to the voters of Colorado based on the bills and voting records of their legislators.

Our Goal

Our goal is to ensure that Colorado voters have all the necessary information to assess their legislators based on their actual voting record. Our site can serve as a "truth check" for any allegations or assertions made by anyone, including candidates, legislators, and 527s, on the public record of legislators.

Colorado Capitol Watch strives for absolute accuracy in compiling votes and other items for its database.  If errors occur, they are inadvertent and will be corrected immediately upon notification.  Please notify CCW of errors.

Our Mission

Colorado Capitol Watch counts votes. We count votes by individual legislator, by individual bills, by committees, by party, by categories of bills, and any other way we can think of. We believe that our legislators' votes provide the record of their performance in serving the citizens of Colorado. We will bring that record to all Coloradans.

Who Are We

Colorado Capitol Watch is a subsidiary of State Capitol Watch, LLC. We are a non partisan enterprise dedicated to open, transparent government. We have designed our website to ensure ease of access to the state's legislative record. All collected data comes directly from the public voting record of our legislators. We use the state's Colorado General Assembly website and the Secretary of State's website to gather information. We record committee and General Assembly sessions via the web audiostreaming provided by the State.

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